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Every Monday this semester, except the first day of class, the Midterm Review Day, and holidays; there will be a quiz on the previous week's material. The answer to the quiz will either be multiple choice, true-false, or a simple numeric answer that does not require a calculator. Each quiz is worth a maximum of 1pt. Out of the total of twelve quizzes this semester, I will keep your ten best scores.

Below are the quizzes we've had so far this semester:

[Quiz 1 - Correct Answer 1,2,3]

[Quiz 2 - Correct Answer 3]

[Quiz 3 - Correct Answer either all false or 1 (if take ν=1 of perceptron convergence theorem)]

[Quiz 4 - Correct Answer 2]

[Quiz 5 - Correct Answer 2]

[Quiz 6 - Correct Answer 3]

[Quiz 7 - Correct Answer 1]

[Quiz 8 - Correct Answer 3]

[Quiz 9 - Correct Answer 2]

[Quiz 10 - Correct Answer 3]

[Quiz 11 - Correct Answer 1]

[Quiz 12 - Correct Answer 1]