Multilevel Security, Compartments, Covert Channels, Inference Control


Chris Pollett

Oct 24, 2012


Multilevel Security (MLS)

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HW Problem

Problem 7.37 Using the info provided with this problem...

(a). Use equation 7.1 to compute the distance: `d(\A\l\i\c\e, \B\o\b)`, `d(\A\l\i\c\e, \C\h\a\r\l\i\e)`, `d(\B\o\b, \C\h\a\r\l\i\e)`.

(b). Assuming the same statistics apply to the shortened iris codes as to normal-lengthed ones, which of the users U,V,W,X,Y is most likely Alice? Bob? Charlie? None of the above?

Answer. To solve this problem, I wrote the following PHP script to dompute all the distances:

//php in xampp is 32 bit
$c['alice'][0]=  0xbe439ad5; // high order half
$c['alice'][1]=  0x98ef5147; // low order half
$c['bob'][0] =   0x9c8b7a14;
$c['bob'][1] =   0x25369584;

$c['u'][0] =     0xc975a213;
$c['u'][1] =     0x2e89ceaf;
$c['v'][0] =     0xdb9a8675;
$c['v'][1] =     0x342fec15;
$c['w'][0] =     0xa6039ad5;
$c['w'][1] =     0xf8cfd965;
$c['x'][0] =     0x1dca7a54;
$c['x'][1] =     0x273497cc;
$c['y'][0] =     0xaf8b6c7d;
$c['y'][1] =     0x5e3f0f9a;

foreach($c as $first_pair => $first_iris_code) {
    foreach($c as $last_pair => $last_iris_code) {
        echo "d($first_pair, $last_pair) = " .
            iris_distance($first_iris_code, $last_iris_code)."\n";

function iris_distance($code1, $code2)

    $score = 0;
    for($k = 0; $k < 2; $k++) {
        for($i = 0; $i< 32; $i++) {
            if (($code1[$k] & 1) != ($code2[$k] & 1)) {
            $code1[$k] = floor($code1[$k]/2);
            $code2[$k] = floor($code2[$k]/2);
    return $score/64;

Using this `d(\A\l\i\c\e, \B\o\b) = 0.453125`, `d(\A\l\i\c\e, \C\h\a\r\l\i\e) = 0.609375`, and `d(\B\o\b, \C\h\a\r\l\i\e) = 0.53125`, answering (a). For (b), `d(u, \C\h\a\r\l\i\e) = 0.171875` so is Charlie, `v` had a score bigger than 0.32 in each case so was no one, `d(w, \A\l\i\c\e) = 0.15625` so `w` is alice, `d(x, \B\o\b) = 0.15625` so `x` is Bob, and `y` did not correspond to anyone.


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