Switzerland 2007 Scrapbook

In 2007 the Yverdon Les-Baines campus of thee Swiss School of Engineering and Management (HEIG-VD) invited the Computer Science departments of CSU Long Beach, CSU Fullerton, and San Jose State to each send ten students and two professors to their campus for a unique three week summer program  that combined lectures and labs in cutting edge topics in Computer Science, with hiking, spas, music festivals, fondues, and field trips to every corner of Switzerland. Here are a few snapshots from that trip.

This was the view from the shores of Lake Geneva, which was a brief train ride from Yverdon Les-Baines.
Each participant received a free Swiss Rail Pass. These passes not only gave unlimited access to Swiss trains, museums, and busses, but also to the Swiss Ferry system. Getting to France for dinner was simply a matter of hopping on a ferry in Lausanne and getting off an hour later in Evian. No one even asked to see our passports!
Here is the entire group returning from an evening in France.
Can we have A+'s?
Of course you can.
Our hosts took us to the Montreau Jazz Festival as well as the Paleo Music Festival. At Paleo we had our own private box overlooking the main stage.
The morning after Paleo some students weren't at their best.
Nicolai wanted to take this fake cow back to America. We said no. He refused to let go of it and we had to drag him away.
Some of us went to this spa where this whirlpool whisked us around a spiral. The spa also featured an "Arctic Nights" room that recreated the night time conditions at the North Pole so that bathers could run through it in their swim suits, or au Naturel! They also played Mozart under the water.
The obligatory view of the Matterhorn from the train window. The Alps were fantastic, and just a free train ride away.
The summer school made the national news in Switzerland. We were all celebreties for 15 minutes!
In this photo we are dining in the middle of a Medieval street in some small village. The food is great in Switzerland.