2009 Summer University Courses

The Summer University is organized into two two-week sessions:

Session I: 7/13 7/24

Session II: 7/27 8/7

Group I and II courses are taught in the first session. Group III and IV courses are taught in the second session. Students have been assigned one course from each group.

Courses are organized into 12 lecture/labs (10 lectures for Group I courses):

Morning Lectures/Labs:
Lecture/Lab I: 9:30 10:15
Lecture/Lab II: 10:30 12:00

Afternoon Lectures/Labs:
Lecture/Lab III: 13:15 14:45
Lecture/Lab IV: 15:00 16:30

On any given day a course taught during lecture I will also be taught during lecture II, while a course taught during lecture III will also be taught during lecture IV.

In addition to the courses, all students are required to attend all three seminars.

Students should have received their course assignments. Click on the link below to see the schedule, location, description, and roster for each of the nine courses.


The venues are:

MH = MacQuarrie Hall

DH = Duncan Hall

SCI = Science Building

Clark = Clark Hall

See the campus map for the locations of these buildings. Note that most students will be staying in CVB: Campus Village B.

Group I

Web3: Web Development (Monge)

Sec2: Wireless Network Security (Rubinstein)

Group II

Bio1: Bioinformatics (S. Khuri)

Web1: Rich Internet Applications (N. Khuri)

SW2: Global Software Engineering (Collofello)

Group III

Sec1: Computer & Network Security (Dsgupta)

Web2: Service-Oriented Computing (Chen)

Group IV

SW1: Open Source Software (Horstmann)

Sec3: Web Application Vulnerabilites (Buchs)


All students are required to attend all seminars.

Seminar 1: Tentative: Architecture and Programming of the IBM 1401 (Mak in Clark 226)

Seminar 2: Advanced Verification and Validation Tools for Java (Schumann in Clark 226)

Seminar 3: How to work with a VC (John Hall in Clark 226)