The Campus Area

San Jose State University is located in downtown San Jose.

Here's a great link for sight seeing and restaurants in San Jose:


SJSU is within walking distance of the train station (Caltrain Diridon Station, where hourly commuter trains run to San Francisco), light rail stops (serving large areas of San Jose), and many bus stops (a commuter bus runs hourly from the campus to Santa Cruz). Here's a link to all of the stops and stations:


Swimming and Exercise

SJSU has extensive recreational facilities:

Participants will be issued ID cards so they can access these facilities.


Participants bringing cars can park them in one of the campus garages. One-week permits can be purchased at check-in for $21.

Meals, Laundry, Internet

There are kitchens in the apartments. We will try to stock them with rudimentary cooking supplies before participants arrive. There are small grocery stores near campus, larger ones a bit further, but still within walking distance. Also, there are many inexpensive restaurants that are nearby (especially if you like Mexican or Vietnamese food.)

There is a dining hall in the Campus Village that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but they may only have a limited amount of food during the summer.

There are laundry rooms located in the building.

The campus has wireless Internet. Participants will be provided with accounts for the campus' wireless network. Students should be within reach of the wireless network from the dormitories, but if not, the rooms are equipped with Ethernet ports that students my use if they provide their own cables.


In July San Jose is hot! (Translation for participants coming from Arizona: "In July San Jose is cool!") Expect temperatures around 28C / 82F. However, it can get very cold near the ocean (San Francisco and Santa Cruz) due to the summer fog. For excursions to these places participants should bring something warm. Rain in July is very rare.