Requirements Engineering


SWEBOK Guide (Read Chapter 2- Software Requirements)

Requirements Analysis Document

Development Standards


Domain Modeling

Advanced Analysis and Design with UML (Links to papers by Conrad Bock and James Odell.)

Publications of James Odell.

Useful Links (from Odell's site)

Analysis Patterns; Grier etc.


UML Semantics

Object Constraint Language

OMG Specifications

OMG Home

Model-Driven Architecture

UML 2.0 Superstructure Specification

UML 2.0 Infrastructure Specification

Meta-Object Facility 1.4 Specification


Agent-Based Systems

Agent UML

FIPA Home Page

CMU Intelligent Agents Software lab (RETSINA)

NetLogo Home Page

JADE Home Page

MadKit Home Page


The Modal Logic of Agency; Elgesem

Java and the Web

JENA- A Semantic Web Framework for Java

Web Services Architecture

Architecture of the World-Wide Web

Open Distributed Processing