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Programming Languages

Principles and Practice 3rd Edition

by Kenneth C. Louden & Kenneth A. Lambert

Cengage Learning 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1-111-52941-3
ISBN-10: 1-111-52941-8

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This text, recently published in a new edition, is suitable for an advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate course in the principles of programming languages. It is organized around principles and paradigms, rather than individual languages. Principles are reinforced with numerous examples from contemporary languages. There are individual chapters on functional, logic, and object-oriented languages, as well as design principles, parallel programming, and formal semantics.

For more information about this edition please see the publisher's page for this book. Password-protected instructor materials may be found at the book's companion site, where instructors can also apply to the publisher for a password. Available materials include errata, powerpoint slides, exercise solutions, and an instructor manual. The same materials are also available on an instructor resources CD-ROM, which instructors can obtain by contacting the publisher's representative for their region. For any other questions please contact the second author.

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