Errata for Compiler Construction - Principles and Practice
by Kenneth C. Louden

First Printing

Last modified Tuesday, 03-Aug-1999 10:58:24 PDT

In addition to the Errata for the 2nd and 3rd Printings, the following errors:

Page 84

2nd paragraph, 3rd line: The right curly-bracket in the delimiter %} should be in code font.

Page 92

Exercise 2.14: The reference to Example 2.1 should be to Example 2.10 instead.

Exercise 2.16: The two figures (a) and (b) of this exercise are wrong. The correct figures are available as a postscript file, which may be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Page 179

Example 4.17: The Follow set of stmt is incorrect. It should be Follow(stmt) = { ; , $ }.

Page 204

Figure 5.1: The caption to should refer to Example 5.5, not 5.6. Also, there are several errors in the picture:

  1. The label "S" was omitted from the upward-pointing transition on the lower right, pointing to the state given by item S -> ( S ) S .
  2. Two epsilon-transitions were omitted from the state on the lower right, given by item S -> ( S ) . S :
  3. The period was misplaced in the item of the state on the lower left. This item should be S -> ( . S ) S

A corrected version of Figure 5.1 is available as a postscript file by clicking HERE.

Page 205

Line 8: "tions on ) to the previously ...." should read "tions on ( to the previously...."

Page 212

Table 5.7: The entry in the table for State 1 and Input ) should be blank, not s3.

Page 223

Figure 5.8: The last item listed in State 0 is incorrect. It should be: [V --> .id , :=]. (Note: the correction listed for this figure in the errata for the second printing does not apply.)

Page 225

Figure 5.9: There are two states numbered 4. The one farthest to the right should be state 5.

Page 277

In the paragraph following the definition of synthesized attributes, the two page references to examples are incorrect: Example 6.6 is found on page 271, not page 262; Example 6.2 is found on page 264, not page 271.