Henny (my wife)

My wife, Hennie Nijland, was born in Holland, and has lived in California with me since 1981. She teaches elementary school, specifically as Reading Specialist for the first three grades. She plays the flute, enjoys hiking, reading, and classical music, and is a good cook, conversationalist, and companion.


Daughter Amanda, born May 24, 1981, graduated from MIT in 2003, with a B.S. in Mathematics with Computer Science. She worked in Stuttgart, Germany, in summer 2001, in a Bosch research lab. In summers 2002 and 2003, she was a counselor at the PROMYS math progam for gifted high school students, which allowed her to stay in Boston. In fall 2003, she moved to La Jolla and began working towards a Ph. D. in mathematics at the University of California, San Diego. She completed that degree in 2009 and taught a year at Williams College. She is presently employed at SUNY Geneseo as a math professor. In August, 2014, she married Tom Tucker, who is a math professor and whose father and grandfather were also math professors. She enjoys cooking and playing with her golder retriever, Laika.


Daughter Helen, born July 18, 1984, graduated from UC Berkeley in May, 2007, with a degree in Integrative Biology. She then worked until January, 2009, as a botanist for Stillwater Sciences. In those days, she enjoyed photography, backpacking, and jumping off cliffs into water. She is full of life and fun, and believes in living life enthusiastically. The photo you see here is her high-school graduation picture, taken in early 2002. She traveled to Central America, Mexico, Europe, and India. She earned a master's degree in fluvial geomorphology from the University of Oregon in 2014 and then entered a Ph. D. program at the University of Reno, Nevada. Her Ph. D. project involves studying a river in Arkansas.